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“Gold Strands of Hope Woven in the Dark Fabric of Trauma,
Creating Healing from Darkness into the Light.”

Book Summary

Silenced once but silent no more. June tells her true story. An orphaned child separated from her brother Freddie and her mother at age four, forever lost to each other. They were both thrown under the wheels of a system that swallowed them up.

Now June raises her voice in drama and dialogue and invites the world to go with her on the journey as Ward of the Crown in Ontario, Canada. She tells her tragic story of a child born outside the gate. Moving from her pleasant early years in one of the last standing orphanages in Canada, she then enters into the foster care system. There she experiences violence and cruelty that threatens her life.

It is a voice of survival. It is a voice raised in the memory of all children who have lost the battle. A voice raised for the children who are still suffering. A voice of hope. Throwing off the dark clothes of shame and fear. June found the key to open the gate and invites you to join her in her dance of freedom.


June lives in Burlington Ontario and enjoys her forever family. This story is written in gratitude for the graces she has been given and the recovery that has allowed her to share her story.

The Mission

The purpose and hope for my book and this blog is to stir up hearts and to impact change for a better child welfare system for all children born outside the gate. I am hoping that anyone who visits this site will be inspired to find out more about the Child Welfare System in Canada.

My desire is to be a voice for those who do not have a voice.  Not a voice raised in the spirit of vengeance or hatred.  A voice born out of love.  However revealing the truth.  I believe that the heart of most people armed with the truth will only desire what is best for these children.  This is never an intention to minimize the efforts of good men and women who have often spent their entire lives trying to make a difference in the lives of these children with their efforts impeded by a flawed institution that needs to change because the lives of injured children and deaths bear witness to something seriously wrong.

June's Blog

In my blog posts, I use poetry and a creative writing style to tell the stories of the children who live outside the gate and who's voices go unheard. My faith in God has undeniably played a huge role in my journey to the freedom I have today and you will see that woven throughout my writing. Additionally, I plan to post about the current status and news regarding the most vulnerable children in Canada to do what I can to raise awareness on the subject. 

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