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Books That Sing in the Night

" Do you remember whether you had a dream?

Or perhaps one that seemed very real?

Oh yes! Heidi's eyes met his. I dreamed every night I was back with Grandfather and could hear the wind whistling through the fir trees. I know in my dream the stars must be shining brightly outside and I got up quickly and opened the door of the hut - and it was so beautiful. But when I woke up I am always still here in Frankfurt.".....Heidi -Joanna Spyri

Heidi, the little orphan girl of the Swiss Alps sang to me in the night. On long summer nights under the covers of my bed I read about her adventures. When the light of the evening turned dark I fell asleep with the book beside me. In my class at school I would hide her on my lap under the desk until the teacher barked my name and the book fell and I jumped to the tune of my classmate's laughter. I loved to read the books about orphans but Heidi was favourite. Even today when I take the book from my shelf I once again sense the comfort that book held for me. I travel back in time.

Those books were the gateway to the book that changed my life.

In the pages of that book I was introduced to my father.

"I once was an outcast and stranger on earth

A sinner by choice

And an alien by birth

But I've been adopted

My name's written down

An heir to a mansion,

A robe and a crown.

I'm a child of the King

A child of the King

With Jesus my Savior

I'm a child of the King."........Hatte E. Buell

"Whoever receives one such child in my name, receives me

And whoever receives me, receives not me

But Him who sent me."...…..Mark 9:37

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Ron Lagerquist
Ron Lagerquist
Feb 01, 2020

Great post. Thanks mom

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