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Mercy and Truth


"The wolf will dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together, and a little child shall lead them." Isaiah 11:6

This is the story of two children, two young girls, two lambs

Both cast outside the gate and enslaved

Two girls with no name

Born one thousand years apart

A child from Israel and a child from Greece


Set free!


In the land of Syria stood a great warrior.

The night was dark.

In the distance the mountains were shadows under the dim light of the moon.

The simmering heat of the day had cooled and the night air was refreshing.

However, the beauty of the night was lost to the man.

His thoughts were far away.

He had tossed and turned and had been driven from his bed with his restlessness.

Fear was unfamiliar to him but tonight it gripped him.

The strong virile body of an athlete was being eaten away by a loathsome disease.

If he had known God he would have prayed and cried out for mercy.

In the silent night mercy stood behind him.

Mercy took its form in a little child who was full of light.

The God that he did not know lived in this child.

She had been captured by the man who stood before her.

And had heard and seen things no child should see or hear.

At night in her bed she flew in her spirit to the God of her land.

Her body was captured, but not her soul.

Nothing can enslave the soul of a child who knows God.

Her heart was filled with grace as she served in the house of the warrior.

Because of that grace his mistress whom she served loved her.

The maid knew her master was sick.

A great man, a prophet could heal him.

A man of God from the country of her birth

"I know a Man!"

2 Kings, chapter 5


Two thousand years later and in another world on a hot summer morning,

the apostle Paul went down to the river to pray

Day after day he walked to the river

Day after day a young girl shouted beside him.

"These are the men of the Most High God and they will tell you the way of salvation!"

The girl who shouted was a girl with no name.

Enslaved by a spirit

She had been held captive by darkness

Two messages of salvation to the watching villagers

All along the country of Greece were stones

The word 'solteria' was engraved on them

The word promised health and prosperity.

The mystery religions of the Greek gods

Truth and lies

Conflicting messages from Paul and the spirit in the girl.

A gospel of lies and a gospel of truth.

Paul turned to the girl

Like a bolt of lightening he commanded the spirit to leave the girl.

The spirit of lies

A religion of health and prosperity

The religion of the gods of darkness

A mystery religion that was no mystery at all.

He used the authority of Jesus Christ in his command

She was instantly released from bondage. Acts 16


"Do you hear what these children are saying?"

"From the lips of children and infants I have ordained praise." Mathew 21


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