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Tulips from my daughter Sandra

"When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you into all truth

For he will speak on his own authority

But whatever he hears he will speak

And he will declare to you the things that are to come."

Spirit of Truth you are my guide

Never stepping away from my side

Through the clamor of other voices

In your truth my heart rejoices

Spirit of Truth you do not change

Through storms and sorrows your truth remains

Spirit of Truth solid and pure

All my hope is found in you


In His Grip

(the sequel to Outside the Gate)

"Grandma, you should tell your story."

We all have a story. In my case it is His Story.

It is not my story.

Otherwise it would be boring indeed.

There is no boredom in Him.

Salvation comes in many colors.

A rainbow of hope.

Love, grace, peace and joy

This is the story of my salvation.

One of the colors on the rainbow of grace

Outside the Gate is the first part of the story.

In His Grip is the story of a broken woman plagued by trauma.

Trying to live a life she had vowed she would live.

Without God it proved impossible.

She was bound to fail.

As a young girl lost and separated from her family

She had made a vow.

She broke that vow.

In her mind she had committed the unpardonable sin.

In her shame and guilt she felt she had crossed a line

there was no turning back from that.

Her journey goes through some dark places.

into the labyrinth.

However the Hound of Heaven chased her

down those dark paths and brought her out.

I am that woman.

Many years ago, I was close to death.

I was in and out of a coma

I was given a vision

I could see myself suspended lying in a hospital bed.

Under me were dark swirling waters

I knew if I fell in those waters I would fall to my death

As I sat up terrified looking at those dark waters I heard a voice

Full of love and gentle as living waters

the voice said to me

"I have you in my grip"


Spirit of Truth revives my soul

Love, gentleness, self control

You produce in me abundant fruit

You guide me into all your truth

Spirit of Truth you tell my story

Leading me upward into glory

You lifted me up above the abyss

Your arms held me firmly in your Grip



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