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When the storms around me roll

An unbroken umbrella

Protects my soul

My heart is full of gratitude

This is the umbrella

That I choose

Around me, over me

I stand under

An umbrella

Filled with joy

And wonder

An umbrella

Full of love and grace

I have found my hiding place



February 28, 1944

Six people standing

Quiet and still, barely breathing

They could hear the sounds

Of the Gestapo

The sound of loud voices

Banging and heavy steps

For 48 hours they stood there

In silence

With no water

Finally, the Dutch Underground came

And rescued them

Once again their lives were spared

In the hiding place


I have more questions than answers

I am just the storyteller



"There is no pit so deep that God can not reach" Betsie Tem Boom

Israel honored Corrie by naming her "Righteous Among the Nations" on Dec. 12, 1967

"Rescuer of Jews"

Corrie was knighted by the Queen of the Netherlands

In her famous book 'The Hiding Place'

Corrie describes her family's experience in the hands

Of the Nazis

Her father died 10 days after the arrest

Her sister, Betsie perished in the horrific concentration camp


The book was made in to a movie in 1975


In my childhood I needed a hiding place

I created my own places

At the age of six, in an orphanage I hid in a toybox

Closing the lid over me

Shutting out danger for a while

As the years went by I sought out more hiding places

Until I found that the hiding places I chose

Were not safe

Now I have a permanent hiding place


"For you are my hiding place

You protect me from trouble

You surround me with songs of deliverance"

Psalm 32:7



In the beauty of my confession

The gate was opened to my salvation

Surrounding me with Mercy and Grace

I have found my hiding place

Songs of deliverance

Around me sound

An army of angels

They surround

Covering me with Mercy and Grace

I have found my hiding place

This is where I am hidden

All my sins have been forgiven

In that beautiful holy space

I have found my hiding place

Around me over me I stand under

Filling my soul with joy and wonder

An umbrella full of love and grace

I have found my hiding place.



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