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The Kaufman Report Exposes the Abuses in the Grandview Training School for Girls

In 2002, the Kaufman report was released detailing the abuses suffered by the girls who were incarcerated by the Grandview training school. Most of these girls came from abject poverty and many of them suffered horrific emotional and sexual assault. 8 staff members were charged with these assaults and two staff members were convicted. On November 17th 1999, Jim Flaherty, the attorney general, issued an apology on behalf of the government.

Now a $600 million class action suit has been issued on behalf of former residents of 11 Ontario training schools on December 4th, 2018. Although these training schools which were the subject of much abuse have now been closed, the government is housing many of these children in group homes. There are approximately 3,300 children and youth in 484 group homes across Ontario. Those homes along with foster parents and children aid societies generate approximately 20,000 serious occurrences province-wide every year (The Star, 2015).

The group homes are producing similar problems as the training schools produced. There has to be a better way to deal with marginalized children in our society.

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Al Lagerquist
Al Lagerquist
Jan 07, 2020

I am excited to see your blog and read the first entry, this is such important work grams, it is an honour to see you do this Xo lots of love

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