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We have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus by the new and living way that he opened for us through the veil , that is, though his flesh..Hebrews 10:19-20


It was a beautiful garment. Woven in colours of blue, purple and scarlet thread and fine linen. A sacred curtain. A barrier of beauty.

The veil shimmered with glimpses of glory shining from the other side.

The designer of this sacred garment was God. He set the design and the purpose.

The presence of cherubim on the veil symbolized Yahweh and the images were woven in with exquisite beauty.

Embroidered in the veil were visions of the panorama of the heavens.

The heavenly veil was the barrier between heaven and earth.

Behind the veil was the holiest of the holy sanctuary where only the High Priest could enter with the blood sacrifice in fear of the penalty of instant death.

The blood of rams and goats.

Repeatedly the High Priest would offer the sacrifices for the sin of the people. The Great High Priest would only be able to enter in that sacred place after many rituals of cleansing.

Once a year on the day of atonement a spotless white lamb was offered.

These sacrifices knocked on the door and opened it temporarily but they did not open the veil permanently.


In Jerusalem upon Moriah was the old temple.

At the hour of the evening sacrifice when the sun, far down in the heavens was sending its rays on the grey slopes of the Olivet, the people were gathered.

It is where Caiphas, the High Priest, dressed in long priestly robes would lead the procession once a year and enter the temple to slaughter a pure spotless lamb.

The ministering priests are all robed and in service in the great temple performing the ancient cleansing rituals.

It is approximately three in the afternoon and the world was taking on an eery darkness.

On the cross was the spotless Lamb of God

Jesus Christ the Son of God

In the final throes of death, He cried out.

As that cry went out, the darkness was complete and thunder and lightening broke the silence

The temple rent its garments in grief and mourning.

The sacred veil was ripped in two from top to bottom and no earthly hand did it.

It was the mighty hand of God.

The gate between heaven and earth opened.

God had opened a gate that no man could shut.

It provided the entrance to a new and living way over a road and pavement that is covered with blood. The blood of goats and bulls had knocked on the gate, but it had remained closed. Over and over the same sacrifice had been made.

Now a better blood had come.


I stood outside the gate

A poor way-faring child

Within my heart there beat

A tempest loud and wild

A fear oppressed my soul

That I might be too late

And oh, I trembled sore

And prayed outside the gate

Oh Mercy! Lord I cried

Now give me rest within

I will! A voice replied

And Mercy let me in

She bound my bleeding wounds

And soothed my heart oppressed

She washed away my shame

And gave me peace and rest

In Mercy's guise I knew

The Savior long abused

Who often sought my heart

And wept when I refused

Oh, what a blest return

For all my years of sin

I stood outside the gate

And Jesus let me in. .....Josephine Pollard - 1870

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Membro desconhecido
11 de abr. de 2020

Very beautiful post! The way the three stories tie together is profound!

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