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When Truth is Naked

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Sometimes truth is naked. It is the reality of that truth that shatters illusions and the alternative reality which we create for ourselves. Our "comfort zone". This iconic picture taken by photographer Nik Tu on June 9,1972 of Kim Pluc shocked the world. The young nine year old running naked down the street with Napalm burning her body and screaming with pain brought the horror of the Vietnam war to the breakfast table.

In 2016 Facebook attempted to ban the picture from its pages. The tremendous outcry however forced it to relent. Kim herself stated: "I am disappointed what Facebook does by removing images of this kind, good as their intentions may be. We can not edit history." CTV news, Oct. 2016

Of all the books I read, my favourite book and the one I go to time and time again is the Bible. I have often wondered to myself why there is so much of the dark told in its pages.

Did I really need to know about Noah getting drunk, Lot offering up his daughters to a lust driven crowd? The rape of Tamir, the beloved daughter of King David by her own brother?

Walking through the pages of history is the naked truth.

For change to happen truth must be naked sometimes.

The arbiter of change is truth.

It is what sets us free.

"In the school of Truth

One sits at the feet of the Master of Love."


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1 Comment

Ron Lagerquist
Ron Lagerquist
Jan 18, 2020

Wow! So true. Truth changes hearts!

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