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God Sings Over His children

The Lord your God is in your midst

A mighty One who will save

He will quiet you with His love

He will exalt over you with loud singing...Zephaniah 3:17


God and I hugged each other

I was alone there with him

I was wrapped in a love blanket

A blanket of joy

I thought I heard Him singing

In my spirit we danced together

The Lord of the Cosmos

And his kid


Over five years ago I trudged with notes and briefcase through the winding halls of Sheridan College in the middle of winter. I was lost in a maze of halls and an unfamiliar world. I passed many young people and I knew I was the oldest one there and I wondered how they would view this old woman breaking into their world. What could she offer to a world of youth?

I had a vision and a passion back then that seems today to be a lifetime ago

I had been given a verse and over the years I have almost forgotten

Never forgotten but in the halls of learning the words and the vision had faded

"The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted and proclaim the captives will be released and prisoners will be heard." Isaiah 61:1


The book of Zephaniah reveals so much about God

It is hard to read and to process

Does God have many faces?

The two-sided nature of judgement and salvation

The prophet of gloom and the prophet of joy?

It starts with four "She has nots"

"She has not obeyed

She has not received

She has not trusted

She has not drawn near."

Then finishing with a mighty crescendo of His shout of joy

The sound of his singing and His calming lullaby as He wraps His arms around us

The Song of Joy

The lullaby of God for his children

Unimaginable joy

Inexpressible love

A grand oratorio

A great revival

God's love is a consuming fire

We can not just warm our hands with it


I have more questions than answers

I am just the storyteller


"For whom am I now and today?

Trembling, groping to find a way?

A heart of dreams and fears and walls

Of starts

And stops

Of peaks and falls

A life unpolished , profound

A sinner ransomed

Lost and found".......Evelyn Shirazes

The chapter that I had finished was the most difficult one in the book. It was the chapter about the years of the locusts and it described my journey to faith. A journey from religion and law to grace and love. I needed to do it with no hurt intended and my heart wanted to go in one direction but God kept nudging me back. Finally I took the road less travelled and Him and I walked that road together and that chapter may be just the pivotal one in the book that leads to hope and healing. It would have been easier to leave it out but God had another choice. When I put my pen down I knew that this vision that through all the distractions had blurred was shining once again in my face as I saw the light ahead.

So God and I hugged with joy

He was singing over me.


The children of the dance

It is not a misery story

It is written with freedom and hope

It is my story

It is their story

It is the voices of children

Raised in a chorus

Those who have gone before me

They are around me

In the memory of my heart

Of the forgotten children

The children of the dance

They are the once invisible children

That are seen by God

Never forgotten

By a God who sings over them

A lullaby of love ../June Smith


"It passes knowledge that dear love of thine

My Savior Jesus, yet this soul of mine

Would of thy love in all its breadth and length

In height and depth and everlasting strength

Know more and more

It passes praises, that dear love of thine

My Savior Jesus, yet this soul of mine

Would of thy love in all its breadth and length

In height and depth and everlasting strength

Know more and more

At last when Jesus, face to face I see

When at his lofty throne I bow the knee

Then of his love, in all its breadth and length

Its height and depth, its everlasting strength

My soul shall sing." /Mary Shackleton 1863


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