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"But do people know how to find wisdom?

Where can they find understanding?

No one knows where to find it

For it is not found among the living." (Job 28: 12, 13)


I have more questions than answers

I am just the story teller


A little girl and a little boy

Forever torn apart

No care was given

For their broken hearts

One little boy

One little girl

This is the wisdom

Of this world /j.smith/Outside the Gate


"Freddie was six and I was four. We woke up hungry and cold in our basement apartment. Shivering in the darkness we opened the door to the old coal furnace and threw paper on the fire. Soon the basement was filled with smoke and the landlord came thundering down the stairs and pulled us roughly outside.

Fire trucks and cars with flashing lights surrounded the house.

Although we were separated, I did not forget him and today when I think of Freddie my heart is sad and I have a shadowy picture of him in my mind and the little boy who comforted me in the night.

I visualize him walking away and slowly disappearing from me, waving good-bye. It is how I imagine our good-bye as I knew he would never have left me willingly just as I hated to leave him.

Soon after, that morning we had new labels. we were no longer "family". We were now "wards" (crown wards) of the province.

Where the voice of a child is dimly heard."

/excerpt from Outside the Gate/ j.smith


Jesus, Jesus, in my grief

Out of the silence, wisdom speaks

Softly with love

Your living word

Calling to me

Your voice I heard

Deeper and deeper

Into your deep

Pearls of wisdom

From Jesus I seek

Swimming into the sea I find

Jesus only filling my mind

Jesus, Jesus, in my grief

Out of the silence

Wisdom speaks. j.smith


"God alone understands the way to wisdom

He knows where it can be found"


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