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The Dancing Fool

The Lord of The Dance

Dance changes the biochemistry of the brain and touches what is spiritual within us.

In the bible dance is described as a celebration and worship

In the Hebrew language there are 44 words to describe dance and only one is a possible reference to secular dancing with no religious connections

In the Aramaic language which Jesus spoke, the word for dance and rejoice are the same.

The most frequent type of dance the Israelites used was a circular dance either in a procession or a circle.

Some days are tough for us in a world that seems to have gone upside down

Some days our hearts are filled with grief and uncertainty

Some days are filled with anxiety

However, I have found that in the worst days when my heart is breaking

Because I have a wounded heart

I am weary of the fight

I know the joy of the Lord is my strength

But joy may have been buried with grief

Some days I am unable to pray

I am alone with the pain

A no one understands pain

A heart that knows shame

I turn on my music, my special song

And I turn the volume up

And I dance!

Just dance!

Be a dancing fool and in that moment in time, just focus on the music

Move your body as best you can

Sit down on a chair

Move a finger

Dance in your mind

Dance like a dancing fool

Your heart once again will be filled with joy

Be a child once again and let yourself go in the wonder of his glory


I have more questions than answers

I am just the storyteller


In the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the ark that plays the central role is the Ark of the Covenant. In fact, that Ark did exist, but has never been found. It was the temple that was mobile, carried on the shoulders of the priests on the journeys and battles. It had great power. When it was carried to the banks of the Jordon the the feet of the priests who carried it parted the waters so they could cross. It was made of wood and gold representing humanity and God.

In the time of this story David was king. The ark was being carried home to Jerusalem and David was celebrating.


"Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the Lord with all his might, while he and all Israel were bringing up the ark of the Lord with shouts and sounds of trumpets."

"As the ark of the Lord was entering the City of David, Michael daughter of Saul watched from a window. And when she saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord, she despised him in her heart." /2 Samuel 6:23


David danced before the Lord with all his might

Twisting and swirling

Filled with joy

He had thrown off his royal robes and wore a simple linen ephod

It was the dress worn by a child when admitted to service in a priest's family

He became a child

Michael's scorn was more due to the fact that the dance appeared an act of humiliation

David answered her:

"It was before the Lord who chose me

I will celebrate before the Lord

I will be more undignified then this and I will be more humiliated in my own eyes."


Perhaps we should shed our time sheets and our prayer books

Perhaps we should turn off our phones reminding us of time

And get in to the wonder of the Lord of the Ark

Become undignified in Him

Discard the long faces, like David discarded his royal robes

The more ritual, the more gowns, the less grace

Where is the passion?

Where is the wonder?


"I will dance, I will sing

Nothing to The Lord is hindering

The passion in my soul

And I will become more undignified than this

Some would say it is foolishness but

I will become more dignified than this." Matt Redman


The temple is the foreshadow of Christ

Jesus when he came replaced the Ark

It is the law laying at our feet in broken pieces

Even as the law was shattered at the feet of Moses

Christ is the end of the law

The law apart from Christ is a terror to our hearts

As David danced before the Ark

We dance to the One who has broken the law

We now have a covenant of grace that we can dance in front of

Shall we not dance with more joy than David did?


"Oh, the Holy Ghost will set your feet a dancing

The Holy Ghost will thrill you through and through

The Holy Ghost will set your feet a dancing

And set your heart a dancing too

David danced before The Lord

He danced with all his might

His heart was filled with Holy joy

His spirit was so light

Now many saints are cold and bored

By unbelief today

They want the blessings of the Lord

But worry what men say

Oh, let The Lord have full control

From dead traditions part

And he will set you free within

You will have a dancing heart." Roy Turner

In the book of Revelation chapter 11 verse 9 it states.

"God's temple in heaven was opened and the ark of the covenant was seen within his temple".

When heaven's gate is opened the real genuine ark of the covenant will be found. It was never lost. It was always there and one day we will see Him in all His glory when the temple in heaven is open

Dance! Dance! Dance!


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