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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Here is another excerpt from early in my book while I'm at the Salvation Army Orphanage - some of the better years of my childhood. This chapter is called, "The Hiding Place."


At the orphanage when I was five years old, Miss Julie took me down to the playroom.

She walked me over to a box sitting in the middle of a large room in the basement.

Running over, I stopped in front of it.

"Lift the lid," Miss Julie said.

Lifting the lid, I saw my name.

Someone had designed the inside of the box.

I saw hearts and flowers.

Seeing my own name filled me with happiness.

With pleasure I saw my initials

The box was big, and I was tiny.

I could climb inside.

The toy box became my hiding place.

Inside I would place notes I wrote to my brother

Drawing hearts all over them

One day I would give them to Freddie

My box of dreams

I would hide in the box

And close the lid over me

Darkness enveloped me

Noises became dulled

I did not mind that

I was there with Freddie

I would talk to him

I would share my secrets

I would fall asleep

Miss Julie would know where to find me

I would hear her tap on the lid

I would push it open

And climb back out

Every girl at the orphanage had one

On wintry days we girls would climb

Into our boxes

Popping our heads up and down

We sang to each other lustily

Breaking out into giggles

Often, we would sing

Sunday School songs

'Precious jewels

Precious jewels

They will shine in their beauty

Bright gems for His crown"

(William Cushing)

Miss Julie told us we were the precious jewels

We loved the song.

In the dark years to come I would need many hiding places

However, that toy box

Was the safest hiding place for me.

(Outside the Gate, June Smith)

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